Whos The Boss

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Whos The Boss

I work for a large company in the steno pool, until recently, when the company promoted a woman to a vice president position and sexxxx video ful hd moved me up to be her secretary. She was in her early forties, a real bitch on wheels, I think partly, because I was in my early twenties and very popular with the male staff. I was her secretary for about four tension filled months when she called me into her office and told me she had to go on a business trip for a few days and was allowed to bring me, her secretary. She didnt even ask if I wanted to go or not, just told me to meet her at the airport tomorrow morning, with suitable evening attire, as we were required to go to a dinner or two. The Plane ride was un-eventual, with very little conversation and when we got to the hotel we were booked into, there was a convention in town and the reservations had gotten kind of screwed up. Instead of each of us having our own rooms, they put us in the same room with a queen size bed and my boss had them call all over town for two rooms and there wasnt a room available anywhere, even in the local motels. She was a little pissed, but I guessed she figured she might as well make the best of a /bad/">bad situation and we went to our room. Of course I wasnt to thrilled about this turn of events either but had the same feeling about making the best of it.

The room was really nice, had a big tub/Jacuzzi in the bathroom, along with a double sink, that was really well lit, so I was happy. We put our clothes away, went to get a cab as she had a morning meeting, which bored me to tears, went to a late lunch with all the people who attended the meeting and got back to the hotel about four thirty. When we got to the room, I announced that I was going to take a bath, which I had been waiting all day to do and being a bit of an exhibitionist, stripped to the bone before going into the bathroom. I noticed she was watching me like a hawk, so I posed a little for her benefit, went in to fill the tub and stuck my head out of the bathroom to ask the boss if she wanted to join me. She reacted a little strangely I thought, she turned beet red and mumbled that it might not be right us taking a bath together, so I rejoined, why the hell not, we are both woman, whats the big deal. She wouldnt relent though, so I took a long leisurely bath, dried myself and walked back into the bedroom naked, which made the boss blush again. She told me she didnt think I had any shame, which made me laugh out loud, as she didnt know the half of it and sat back against the pillows, with my legs spread.

She couldnt take her eyes off my pussy, but she asked me to put something on for the sake of decency and what with her eyeballing my pussy and the way she asked me to put something on, gave me the feeling she actually had something else on her mind. I told her I was very comfortable the way I was and that she should try it, which made her turn bright red again. I could usually spot a sub with no problem and she was now giving me all the vibes of being with one. I asked her if she had ever been with another woman and the look that came on her face was priceless, I knew I struck a nerve and my pussy was turning her on. She croaked out no, she hadnt and asked me if I had ever been with a woman. I didnt answer her, instead I told her to come to me, she balked at first, but I got insistent about it and she got on the bed like she was in a trance. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her too me and gave her the most passionate kiss I was capable of, to which she responded in kind, after the initial shock wore off. I put my tongue in her mouth, she sucked on it like it was a cock and I knew Mrs. Bitch was going to be mine that night. I took her top and bra off, while kissing and tonguing her and when I sucked her nipple into my mouth, she moaned like a little slut. I took her stockings, skirt and panties off in one motion. I pushed her down on the bed, was spreading her legs, when she had an attack of morality, pushing at my hand, telling me this wasnt right, her husband wouldnt approve. 

At this point I was so hot, I didnt give a flying fuck what anybody thought, especially her husband and I wanted her real bad. I rolled her over onto her stomach, put one hand under her belly, so that she had to lift her ass a little and spanked her ass, until it was a cherry red. She never resisted, which spoke volumes about where her head was, I turned her back over, she had real tears in her eyes and I told her not to ever tell me no, never, understand bitch. She shook her head yes, I told her to spread her legs wide for me, she closed her eyes and spread her legs as wide as she could, in a show of total submissiveness and I started stroking her pussy to discover it was soaking wet. I said to her, ?My little cunt has a /pussy/hot-pussy/red-hot-pussy/">red hot pussy for me, doesnt she, you are going to make me very happy tonight, arent you? She shook her head yes while moaning, but I made her say it out loud for me, that she had a /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy for me and she was going to make me happy and I knew in her head, she had given herself totally to me.

I played with her pussy for a while, stroking her cunt lips, putting my finger in her hole and rubbing her clit, until I had her begging me to make her cum. I kept teasing her though until she was flapping around like a fish out of water, begging like mad and then I told her I was going to stand up and she was going to have to get on her knees and /kissing/kissing-pussy/kiss-my-pussy/">kiss my pussy before I made her cum. She was in such a sexual state, she begged me to stand up so she could kiss my pussy and when I stood up on the bed, she was between my legs so fast, she almost knocked me over. She wasted no time in kissing my pussy all over and when I told her to lick it for me, she seemed overjoyed to do so, which in my state, made me cum like a water fountain. She licked up every drop of my pussy juice, after I told her too, then I laid her back down and treated myself to her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her cunt, the flood gates opened and she came like a race horse, cumming in such a quantity, I couldnt lap it all up, but I sure tried. She had a really /sweet/">sweet tasting pussy, so I pushed her legs back, attacked her pussy with my lips and tongue, made her cum four times for me, while all the while she was moaning, ?Take me, take me, Im yours, take me?.

I couldnt believe I had cum, just from eating her pussy, but I did and it made me even hornier, so I sat on her face, making her eat more of my raging pussy. This time I told her to put her tongue in my hole and god bless her little heart, she tried to eat my pussy from the inside out. I was so fucking hot still, from making this bitch my bitch, that I couldnt even begin to tell you how many times she made me cum, but I rode her face until I was exhausted. When I finally had to lay down, I took her in my arms, gave her little kisses all over her face and neck, and I swear she mewed like a cat, while telling me how wonderful I was. I started checking out her body then, foundling her tits, made her turn on her side so I could stroke her ass and she asked me if I liked her body. I told her I sure did, I was going to fuck her a lot and she asked me if I was going to hurt her anymore and I realized she was talking about the spanking. I told her as long as she did what I wanted, I would never hurt her and she looked at me saying that I could spank her, as long as it wasnt so hard. I thought, well she likes being showed who is the boss and made a mental note to spank her again. She asked if she could touch me, I assured her she could touch me anywhere she wanted and the next thing I knew, she had my tit in both hands, sucking on my nipple.

I let her nurse xxx sex video download free com me for about ten minutes, until my pussy started to ache again and then I made her play with my cunt while she nursed. She took to it like a duck to water, sucking and /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me until I was moaning so loud, they heard me in the lobby. My little bitch did some job on my pussy, bringing me almost to orgasm, so many times I was now screaming at her to make me cum. I finally yelled at her that I was going to spank her until she bled, if she didnt make me cum and the little bitch stopped sucking my tit, looked me in the eye and said, ?Patience my sweet, patience?, going right back to sucking my tit. Finally, after at least a half hour, she knew I couldnt hold it anymore, she bored in on my clit and I had one of the most explosive orgasms of my life. My ass rose up two feet off the bed as I came, my pussy juice shot out like a rocket being launched and I was so spent, I couldnt move. She took me in her arms, kissing me all over the face and neck, telling me how wonderful I was. I thought to myself, that if she kept this pace up, she would kill me before we had to leave, but then, what a way to go.

By now, we were both hungry, so I told her it was time for her to give me a bath and she jumped, ran into the bathroom and when the tub was full, called me. I went into the bathroom, grabbed her by the hair and told her to never yell for me, to come to me, get on her knees, kiss my pussy and tell me the bath is ready, got it. She said she did, I told her to lets try it and she went right to her knees, kissed my pussy, then said, ?Your bath is ready my love? and I really liked the, ?My love? part. She bathed every inch of my body, bathed herself, we got out of the tub and she toweled me off, put powder on me, perfume and make up before I let her do her self. I could see she was really turned on by all this as her pussy was dripping, so I made her play with her self until she came. Later she told me that it made her so hot to have me watch her, she never came that fast in her whole life and hoped I would make her do it again. I checked out her wardrobe, picked out the shortest skirt she had, a silk blouse and since she had such /legs/nice-legs/">nice legs, no kind of underwear or pantyhose. I could see just the thought of her being almost naked going out had her quite worked up, but I was hungry, so we went to diner.

When we got into the cab, I put my hand inside her blouse, cupped her tit, kissed her and when I slipped my tongue in her mouth, she moaned real loud before she realized she had moaned out loud. She hid her face in my neck, whispered in my ear that the cab driver was watching us and I said I knew, as I put my hand up her skirt. She was beet red, hiding her face but had her legs spread wide open, so I pushed her skirt up so the cabbie could get a good look and slipped three fingers into her pussy. She now didnt care who was watching now, her pussy was leaking cum like a faucet and when I rubbed her clit, she gave out one long moan and came all over my hand, her legs and ass. We got to the restaurant, the cabbie thanked me for the show and wouldnt take a tip, so I got his cell number, told him I would give him a better show on the return trip and he was one happy camper when he drove away. Our table was ready, my lover was all flushed, wanted to go to the ladies room to wash the cum off her pussy, but I wouldnt let her, because I liked the smell. I leaned over to her, stuck my tongue in her mouth and she responded just like I thought she would, she sucked on my tongue. When I pulled my tongue out of her mouth, she turned beet red again, asked if everybody was watching us and I told her that, sure they were, I had my tongue in the hottest pussy in the place, they couldnt help but look.