Learning Japanese

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Learning Japanese

James had only been in Japan for a week, but already found himself hankering after the stunning /women/japanese-women/">japanese women, the younger the better. As luck would have it, he was also teaching English at the local high school and although he knew full well of the trouble he would get into, it was still extremely tempting.

The main cause of his problems turned out to be a young 18 year old girl called Aku. She was so damn /cute/">cute it should have been a crime in itself...and she knew it. On the first day of teaching her class James had found it hard to concentrate on the lesson with her sat deliberately in front of his desk, long legs hidden by the short navy skirt, and her tongue constantly wetting her lips as she eyed James with the eyes of a slut.

But James behaved and kept his cool, even when the class ended and she walked out, wiggling her arse in his direction and turning her head back to wink at him. He was tempted to call her back in, bend her over the desk porn videos download and violate her here and now, but he had other arrangements. He had booked a /whore/">whore at a local brothel tonight to try and get the Japanese /women/">women fixation out of his head, but as he fucked the little tart, he could only imagine it was Aku and decided hed had enough. A man can only take so much.

The next day as the lesson ended, he made a point xxx of asking Aku to stay behind at her desk. He waited till everyone had departed and then locked the door and pulled the blinds down over the windows. He then went over to her desk where she sat with the most innocent of looks on her face and told her to stand up. As soon as she was on her feet, he grabbed her white shirt and pulled it open, exposing her /sweet/">sweet pert breasts encased snugly in a bra which was soon removed. Aku didnt say a word throughout all of this, not until he reached down between her legs and began to gently finger the material that covered her sweet pussy until it was absolutely saturated. She then began to moan lustfully and reached down to his flies to release his straining 8 inch cock. He left her pussy alone as she got down on her knees and gave the most fantastic blowjob hed ever received. But he still wanted more.

He told her to leave his cock be and bend over his desk. She did this happily and his cock strained at the sight of her hot little arse and damp white panties beneath the short navy skirt. It was only a second before he was behind her, yanking her panties to one side and thrusting his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock up inside her. He fucked her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy so hard she was nearly unable to breathe. She panted breathlessly that she was cumming and the tight pussy became even tighter as she gripped the desk and threw her head back in a silent scream. This finished James off and he pumped a gallon of cum deep inside her.

This was not the end as Akus English unexplainably became so /bad/">bad that she needed lots of after school tuition and James was only too happy to oblige.