The boys fun

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The boys fun

Daniel was a young man of 18, he was small for his age, rather skinny with boyish curly hair, he was slightly pale and had a tone body, he lacked in body hair unlike most of the kids his age and had a profoundly immature sense in his look, and personality.
Owen, despite being Daniel’s younger friend was taller, average weight, with flat, straight spiralling hair.

Daniel and Owen had opted to share a colledge room, but already, problems were occurring.
’What the hell is this Daniel?’ barked Owen loudly, holding a wet towel he’d found on the bathroom floor
’Oh sorry forget to put it away’ Daniel laughed rather stupidly
’You’re an idiot, you know that?’ shouted Owen
’Alright, no need to be a prick, jeez’

Owen was pissed of past his limit, the day had put him in a touchy mood, and Daniel was about to feel the brunt of it. Owen walked over and pushed Daniel of his bed.
’What the fuck was that for?’ Shouted Daniel
’You’re such a massive pussy Daniel’ Retorted Owen.

The two boys, both in their pyjamas, lunged at each other; Daniel was thrown onto the adjacent twin beds. They wrestled for a while, rougher than a play fight, but they were both clearly enjoying it.
As they were playing, Owen sat on top of Daniel, his bum cheeks were soft on Daniel’s chest, Daniel's thought to himself of how good it felt. As to not look guilty, Daniel quickly pushed of Owen and managed to lock one of his arms, only to be thrown on his back and have Owen power over him, pinning down his arms, and sitting on his stomach. They stared at each other and they both knew what they wanted. Daniel’s hands were quickly around Owen’s bum cheeks, caressing them, rubbing and squeezing through his trousers.
’Ugh, ahh, urhhh’ Owen groaned
’mmm...’ said Daniel, smiling childishly and licking his soft lips.

Owen’s retaliation was quick, overturning Daniel on his front, and proceeding to hump him through their pyjamas. His /cock/large-cock/">large cock was already hard and Daniel could feel it, pressing against his bum cheeks.
’Oooh, um, ooh, ooh’ Daniel's groans were loud and high wwwxxx pitched.
’UUrghhmm’ Owen gave a low soft cry.

Their clothes quickly came off, Daniel was nearly again chucked of the bed by the force of Owen pulling of his brother’s trousers. Soon they were both naked. Kneeling, Owen leant down and pressed his lips against Daniel's bum cheeks. They were small, firm and rounded, and shaped near to that of a young girl’s, they had a fine layer of hair covering them. From Owen’s mouth, a large wet tongue produced and slithered down to the opening of Daniel's arsehole.
’mmm... so /sweet/">sweet’ as own licked and sucked rapidly as if eating out an ice cream cone.
He put his tongue in, reaching an inch or so deep; Daniel’s arse was sweaty and tight.
’Oh, uh, um, uh, more, um’ Daniel's high whining cries filled the room.
’Uh, please let me taste’ Daniel whined.

He got up and kissed Owen lustfully, sucking on Owen’s tongue, and then, lying down, his head between Owen’s parted kneeling legs. He continued to rub Owen’s torso, playing with Owen’s arse. Daniel sucked his finger then put it to Owen’s hole and rubbed around a little. Owen felt a tingling sensation, then, Daniel's tongue, protruding as he pulled back Owen’s foreskin. He licked Owen’s /dick/large-dick/">large dick from the base all the way to the tip, ’Yeaah...mmm... ooh’ Owen gave a sweet cry. Daniel then slowly put Owen’s whole cock in his mouth, the tip reaching the back of his throat, and causing Daniel to gag slightly. But Daniel sucked hard, saliva dripping of Owen’s penis. Daniel went deep again, and at the same time pushed his finger inches deep into Owen’s arse.

Owen could, not hold it in any longer, in the shock pleasure ’Uuuuhmmmm’ he ejaculated, filling Daniel’s mouth with white spunk, but Daniel did not swallow. He instead proceeded to lay Owen with his head up against the head rest. Daniel stood on the bed, his waist at Owen’s head height and gestured Owen to suck him. Owen pumped Daniel’s /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard, sucking quickly and sloppily.

It wasn’t long before Daniel to ejaculated, Owen, placing out his left hand, caught the spunk, holding a pool of white in his palm. They had both ejaculated very quickly, but there was no way they were going to stop. Owen placed his hand to his mouth, and sucked up the spunk. Daniel knelt down and kissed Owen wildly, their tongues met in a sea of spunk and saliva. Daniel spat all the contents of his mouth into Owen’s and stood up, turning round so his bum was now squarely in Owen’s face.

Owen looked at Daniel's bum, small and curvy, a perfect figure, he ran his hands ups and down Daniel’s back, bum and legs, loving every part of him. Daniel bent over to reveal again his arsehole. Owen smothered it, kissing and rubbing. Daniel’s legs trembled from the feeling as he went on to his knees.

Now, putting his face to the mattress, Daniel used his hands to pull apart his bum cheeks. Owen placed his mouth to Daniel’s arsehole. By now they were both very sweaty and Owen’s face cheeks stuck to the wwwxxx Daniel’s bum cheeks like a wet shirt. As Daniel relaxed his arsehole, Owen puckered his lips up to the hole and blew out, filling Daniel up with spunk and saliva, making Daniel’s arse, which was already wet become drenched and slippery. He then sucked it out, and blew it back in, sucking the spunk and spit out of Daniel’s arse like a vacuum, and blowing it back again.

’Aaahh, Yessss’ it was the most pleasurable thing Daniel had felt, but better was to come. The spunk provided the perfect lubricant, as Owen, still rock hard, rubbed the tip of his penis about Daniel’s dripping wet arsehole.
’Go on, put it in me, fuck me!’ Daniel, pleaded, ’Uuurrggghhhhh’ Daniel groaned. Owen’s penis slid in quickly due to the wetness of Daniel’s arsehole. He felt his bellend squeezed by Daniel’s arse. ’Yeah, I feel you inside of me, it’s so big, go on faster, yes Owen, fuck me up the arse, um’

Owen’s penis slid in and out faster, and hitting deeper, each time, Owen’s legs smashed into Daniel’s round cheeks. Owen thrusted quicker and quicker, he could feel Daniel’s arse convulsing and squeezing him tightly, it was pure pleasure. ’Deeper!’ Daniel cried. Daniel pulled his cheeks apart once more, and the feeling of even deeper penetration filled him up. Owen was now thrusting furiously, his cock, throbbing for more, went deeper with every hit.
Owen, with one hand, was rubbing Daniel’s lower back, and with the other, he grabbed Daniel’s cock, and tugged on it furiously while fucking him only harder up the arse. Owen’s waist was moving frantically, spasming as he pushed as deep as he could go. Daniel clenched his cheeks, tightening around Owen’s cock. Owen’s /cock/big-cock/">big cock was being engulfed by Daniel’s arse, he had never felt anything so tight, but it was so wet that he could thrust even faster. The enjoyment was /crazy/">crazy. Owen could not stop. Deeper, harder, tighter, Owen’s large cock kept on knocking and Daniel clenched even tighter. Daniel felt Owen’s cock hitting inside him like a gigantic hammer, he felt it run along his insides and could do nil but squeeze even tighter, hugging his arse closer all around it.

’Yes!’ they cried, it was pure enjoyment. As Owen reached his limit, he ejaculated once again, ’Ahhh, Urrgh’. ’Yes, it feels so good in me’ Daniel cried as he ejaculated over Owen’s hand. Owen’s penis was twitching about in Daniel’s arse. He pulled it out, it came out quickly, spunk and wet gushed out of Daniel’s arsehole. Both extremely sweaty and out of breath, the boys collapsed on the beds.

’Ahh, that was so great’ Daniel rasped, out of breath, lying face to Owen’s now shrinking cock, he slowly caressed it with one hand as a last few bits of spunk dribbled out.
’Yeah’ agreed Owen, his face at Daniel’s bum, rubbing the smooth firm, cheeks and smiling.

They lay for a good few minutes caressing as Owen’s penis began to grow once more. Daniel beamed, ’One more taste?’ Owen nodded and they were immediately in sixty nine. The sound of sucking was high in the humid air. Daniel once again, deep throating Owen’s big cock, the squishy tip pressing against the back of his throat was invigorating. As he sucked Owen, Owen sucked him. Daniel’s penis was now covered on Owen’s saliva, ’mmm... oh mmm...’ Owen was running his tongue about the head of Daniel’s penis, licking like a lolly, up and down, and then swallowing the head in firm, strong movements. ’Oh Yes, uh, uh, uh’ Daniel cried with each movement, but still with Owen’s cock deep in his mouth. They sucked and licked and sucked and licked together until finally, ’Uuuuuhhhh’. They both ejaculated together and softly, their heads fell to the mattress, where they fell and slept, dreaming of the pleasure they had just experienced together.