The Boys of Summer

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Boys of Summer

Ah, summer and the joys of it: the rampant heat, the intense aroma of the night, the passion burning hotter than the air. When one mixes sex with baseball, it?s amazing how heady a mixture that is.

The smell of fresh-cut grass, the sound of bat hitting ball, the taste of a hot dog, all these things mean summer to me. Oh, and the sight of those fit men in their tight baseball uniforms.

I?ve always been a sucker for a baseball player. I don?t understand why. Maybe it?s all those things, maybe it?s the gloves they wear with those long indian santali xvideo fingers, maybe it?s the cups that make their organs seem so much more prodigious than mere mortal men. Something about them just gets me wet.

So it was not unusual to find me there, after an amateur game on a Tuesday night, down at the local park. The out-of-towners had beat my hometown boys by a solid margin and two of the muscular boys from Deaneville had caught my eye. I figured I could get one of them.

Boy, was I in for a shock.

They had gathered their gear and were headed for their cars when I stepped into the entry of the dugout. I caught both of their hot gazes traveling the shape of my body and I smiled wickedly at them. ?Hi, I?m Marnie,? I purred.

They both smiled back and the white one was the first to recover his tongue. ?I?m Brett. This is Stan.? His gesture took in the black man on his right. I let my eyes take in both of them and let them see me looking.

Brett had surfer-boy good looks. He was tall and skinny with an underlying musculature that just made you want to lick every drop of sweat from his body. Stan was shorter and more compact with something of a dangerous look to him. He looked thicker throughout and I had trouble taking my eyes off of his well-muscled thighs. They both had big hands. My wicked smile became a little wider.

I waved my hand before my face. ?A little hot out here, don?t you think??

Stan?s deep voice came out. ?It just got a little hotter.?
?Well,? I gasped, ?let?s do something about that.?
They followed eagerly as I led the way into a nearby equipment shack. I closed the door behind us and switched on the light before turning the deadbolt that would protect us from intrusion. My steps took me before them and my hands worked on their crotches.

I grinned as I found both men of proper thickness and hardness. My fingers worked at their belts as they tugged off their own shirts. When their belts were undone and their pants unsnapped and unzipped, I dug my hands into their jockstraps, my hands filling with throbbing man. I leaned forward and kissed Stan?s thick lips, then Brett?s. They both moaned appropriately as I stroked them. I felt Brett?s hand working at the button on my shorts. He slipped it and unzipped them before sliding his hand in.

He grunted as his fingers encountered my shorn pubis, not the expected feel of panties. Undaunted, he slid his hand further in and down to cup my silky slit. His middle finger parted my labia and found my clit, then my opening. He massaged them both deftly while my tongue pushed its way into his mouth.

Stan, meanwhile, had moved in behind me. His hands had pushed my shirt up and unhooked the skimpy lace bra I wore. His fingertips found my erect nipples and began to do wonderful things to them. His lips caressed the nape of my neck while his teeth nibbled there.

We all stopped at the same time to finish removing our clothes. We three stood there in glorious nudity, breathless anticipation dawning in all of us, before we attacked each other.
Brett?s kisses were insistent as his long, slender prick pressed into my stomach. Stan?s shorter but thicker dick pressed between my ass cheeks as his hands gripped and massaged my tits. I turned to face my Nubian lover.

His strong arms wrapped around me and he lifted me from the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist and snaked my hand between us to direct his /erection/">erection into my wet and wanting pussy. The head of his magnificent cock plugged hard into my hole and I grunted in exquisite sensation. As I sank onto him, he began to rut madly, pushing it further into me. It stretched me open as I took all seven inches into my waiting void. I felt full of man and worried a little that I wouldn?t be able to feel Brett?s in my /sweet/">sweet vagina when Stan was done.

I didn?t know that such a worry was misplaced. Brett had no intention of filling my vagina. His big, strong hands gripped my ass cheeks as he pushed them apart. He crouched behind me and pressed the head of his slender dong against my anus. I could feel that hole opening as he increased the pressure. That familiar pop in my head signaled that he was inside and he slowly continued his advance into me. He didn?t stop until I could feel his balls directly under me and I knew that all nine of his slender inches were stuffed in my rectum. I had the random thought that both Brett?s and Stan?s scrotums were pressed against each other as they were both sunk in my body to the hilt. They didn?t seem to care.

We rested there for a few seconds, both of these studs buried in my body. It was a delicious sensation that I didn?t think could be equaled.

They proved me wrong when they started to fuck me.

Stars exploded in my head as they held me still and thrust merrily away in my holes. I could hear the scream from my throat as they ravished me. Their cocks were like red-hot pokers firing into my body, but spreading sweet pleasure rather than pain. The sweat dripped into my eyes and onto their hips as they continued to pound away. A small part of my intellect remarked that this couldn?t be the /first-time/">first time they?d shared a woman like this. I wondered for a second how many /women/">women had been clutched in this embrace, how lucky was I to be one of them.

Then all thought stopped as my first orgasm tore through me. It was actually unexpected but it was thoroughly real. As was the animal scream of absolute joy that was ripped from my lips. I squeezed them with my holes but they didn?t slow for a moment, their thrusts making me more sensitive to the intense pleasure of this sex. I all but collapsed in their arms, but they continued to hold me still, continued to take me.

My consciousness ebbed for a moment, but a second orgasm, stronger than the first, fried my nerves. It continued to wash over me. Never had I been so full, never had I felt so good. Never had I felt so much as woman as I did while Stan and Brett drove their powerful rods into me.

Suddenly, Brett froze then drove himself in with one final, savage thrust. I could feel the hot /semen/">semen from him spurt into me. It burned with powerful happiness as it flowed into my bowels. Stan similarly drove in again and I could feel his seed filling my womb. And with that sensation, the dam broke.

I wailed with pleasure, laughing and crying as a final orgasm washed over me. This time, consciousness completely left me.
I awoke on my side. A blanket was under me and my head was on Brett?s leg. Stan held me from behind. I didn?t know how long we had been there or if they were asleep. It didn?t take long to find out the latter, though.

I shifted and could feel Stan?s hot meat move against my ass. It was sore from the earlier dicking, but Stan hardened there anyway. Part of me really liked that thought. I glanced up and saw Brett?s shriveled member. I licked my lips as he shifted, recognizing the light in my eyes. My hand came up and I gripped him, already hardening for another round, too.

As I sank his dick into my mouth, I could feel Stan starting to work his thick prick into my anus. He had the head there but was having trouble pushing it in. I pushed back against him and saw stars again when the head pushed in. I focused on sucking Brett?s cock, which had reached full size. I wrapped a hand around the base and licked his throbbing head like a lollipop. He groaned his pleasure as I took the head into my mouth and sucked, the heady mixture of the tastes of ass and semen seeping into my mouth. I gently grated my teeth against the underside and his eyes widened.

Meanwhile, Stan?s balls now rested against my dripping snatch. My ass, which was no stranger to dicks, had never been opened so widely. I bucked myself against him, impatient for it, and he began to stroke his dick in and out of me. I stroked my lips up and down on Brett?s slick cock with the same rhythm.

As Stan increased the force alain lyle porn of his strokes, I increased the depth of mine on Brett. Finally, Stan wasn?t holding back. And each time his balls smacked my snatch, Brett?s dong slid into my throat. I felt them both seize at the same time and smiled inside.

Stan?s balls emptied into my intestines just as Brett?s drained into my esophagus. I could again feel that exquisite fire burn in my body as my two lovers climaxed inside of me. And from their grunts and moans of pleasure, I knew that I?d given them both the same joy that they?d given me.

They dressed and I shooed them out so that I could arrange my own clothes again. I promised to call them next time I was in Deaneville and they promised the same treatment when I did. Neither hesitated to kiss me deeply before they departed and I know it was with something like real affection that both fondled my naked breasts before they left.

So, I dressed alone. I balled up the blanket and threw it into a corner, where I can use it next time I bring someone to the equipment shed. Hmmm, come to think of it, our boys have a game next week ? against those Deaneville Demons. I think it?s time for a road trip.